Scleral Shell Prosthesis

Everything You Need To Know About Scleral Shell Prosthesis

A scleral shell prosthesis is slightly different from a prosthetic eye, but it offers individuals the same comfort and confidence. The team at Artificial Eyes have created scleral shells for people of all ages and backgrounds, and we love seeing the look on their faces when they see the difference their hand-made custom eye makes to their appearance. Here are a few things the Artificial Eyes team thinks everyone should know about scleral shell prosthetics.

What Is A Scleral Shell Prosthesis?

A scleral shell prosthesis is a thin acrylic cover worn over a discoloured or disfigured eye. The prosthesis covers the entire surface of the blemished eye, restoring its natural appearance. Unlike a prosthetic eye, surgery is not required to wear a scleral shell prosthesis. The team at Artificial Eyes will work closely tirelessly to create a comfortable, life-like prosthetic that retains fantastic movement.

How To Care For Your Scleral Shell Prosthesis

Without the proper care, a prosthetic shell eye can become faded and lose its life-like quality. Here are a few tips for maintaining a prosthetic eye.

  • Keep the prosthesis in as often as possible. Wearing a scleral shell is dependent on sensitivity on the damaged eye. Most choose not to sleep with a prosthesis however continue to wear for sport, swimming and other activities. If you choose to remove it for sleep or certain activities, make sure you wash it thoroughly before replacing it in the eye socket.
  • Clean it gently. When a scleral shell needs cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly before removing it. Wash it with hot (not boiling) water and a mild, anti-bacterial soap. Never use alcohol or non-approved lubricant products on your prosthesis, as you may damage the materials. Rinse the scleral shell thoroughly before putting the prosthesis back in.
  • Take it to be professionally cleaned. Every 6-12 months, pop in to see the specialists at Artificial Eyes. We’ll give the prosthetic a deep clean and polish, keeping the eye looking natural and life-like.

Why Choose Artificial Eyes For A Scleral Shell?

There are several reasons why more people choose Artificial Eyes for help with a prosthetic shell eye.

  • We provide a high-quality product. All of our custom eyes are hand-crafted by qualified, experienced ocularists, so you can rest assured that your scleral shell prosthesis will be of the highest quality.
  • We make the process easy. Getting a prosthesis shouldn’t be difficult or uncomfortable. The Artificial Eyes team go above and beyond to make sure the experience is both comfortable and informative, leaving our office with confidence.
  • Fast turnarounds. It takes the Artificial Eyes team just one week to measure, create, and fit a new prosthesis.
    Tailored to you. Our team go above and beyond to create a perfectly matched, life-like scleral cover shell that’s tailor-made just for you.

If You Need Help With A Scleral Shell Prosthesis, Contact Artificial Eyes

At Artificial Eyes, it’s our passion to help clients feel confident, comfortable, and complete. Our ocularists hand-craft each prosthetic eye to create the perfect custom match for the clients’ companion eye. We take great pride in our impeccable attention to detail, and we’re committed to helping you take care of your prosthesis. The Artificial Eyes team is renowned for our professional, compassionate prosthetics services, and we’ll go above and beyond to restore your confidence and provide you with ongoing support. To learn more about our scleral shell prosthesis options, contact the team at Artificial Eyes today.