Prosthetic Eye Polishing

A Comprehensive Guide To Caring For Your Prosthetic Eye

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Artificial Eyes is ‘How do I look after my prosthetic eye?’. Like our natural eyes, prosthetics need to be cared for as well; however, as you can imagine, the process is a bit different. The team at Artificial Eyes are experts in the field of ocular prosthetics. We’re here to help keep the prosthesis looking incredible with our polishing and cleaning services.

How To Maintain Your Prosthetic Eye

Caring for a prosthetic eye isn’t too difficult, and it keeps the prosthesis looking and feeling amazing. Here are a few measures you can take to maintain your artificial eye.

  • Clean it with a mild soap. Every couple of months, remove the eye, clean it with mild soap or a hard contact lens cleaning solution, and rinse it thoroughly in regular tap water. Never clean or soak your eye in alcohol, autoclave, or boil it as will crack the plastic and destroy your prosthesis. If you don’t want to remove the eye yourself, visit one of our experienced oculists at Artificial Eyes.
  • Bring the eye in for a polish. Come into Artificial Eyes and visit every 6-12 months for professional prosthetic eye polishing and cleaning. We make sure the eye is free of irritants and protein deposits, thereby reducing the risk of giant papillary conjunctivitis and other irritations. However, if you suffer from excessive discharge, poor eyelid action, or you’re reluctant to remove your eye at home, for more frequent prosthetic eye polishing and cleaning could be required.
  • Try not to remove the eye too often. Unless cleaning the artificial eye or you’ve been directed otherwise by a doctor, it is best to minimise how often a prosthesis is handled. Too much time outside an eye socket can cause a prosthesis to dry out or be exposed to debris which may cause infections or damage.

Head To Artificial Eyes For Help With Prosthetic Eye Polishing

At Artificial Eyes, it’s our passion to help clients feel confident, comfortable, and complete. Our ocularists hand-craft each prosthetic eye to create the perfect custom match for the clients’ companion eye. We take great pride in our impeccable attention to detail, and we’re committed to helping you take care of your prosthesis. The Artificial Eyes team is renowned for our professional, compassionate prosthetics services, and we’ll go above and beyond to restore your confidence and provide you with ongoing support. To learn more about our prosthetic eye polishing service, contact the team at Artificial Eyes today.