How we create your new eye.

Today’s prosthetic eyes are fully custom made to match the wearer’s companion eye. They are manufactured with acrylic throughout, including painting the iris, and sclera (the white of the eye).

Your first visit to the Artificial Eyes laboratory takes approximately 45 minutes and two major steps take place.

Firstly, a fitting of the socket is determined by various fitting methods to accurately contour and manipulate the anopthalmic socket.

Secondly, your iris colour is hand painted onto an iris button. This button can take up to twenty coats of paint to achieve the correct colour and detail.

The Ocularist will then start to fabricate your new eye with the iris button in place. Blood vessels and scleral tints are applied and the prosthesis completely coated with clear acrylic.

It is hand shaped and polished to a very high quality finish.

Fitting process.

Iris sizing.

Iris painting.

Mould creation.

Curing processes.

Adding veins.

Fabricating the eye.

A final polish.

Finished eye is ready.