We create and fit a custom-made prosthesis to match your companion eye that looks so natural, no-one will notice it’s not an original!

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“After going through a very traumatic time, finding Artificial Eyes has literally changed my life! I am now a happy, more confident person. Although I have an artificial eye, no-one can tell because my eye looks so incredibly real!”
LISA, Gold Coast

Our hand crafted approach

Continual advances in technology means modern prosthetic eyes are fully custom made to create a perfect match for the client’s companion eye.
Your new eye is hand crafted with great care by our fully trained specialists (called Ocularists).
It takes just one week to measure, create and fit your new eye – a surprisingly short time considering the profound impact a new, perfectly matched eye has on the lives of our patients.
Artificial Eyes is based in Brisbane and our patients visit us from throughout Queensland and Australia. They are delighted to visit our beautiful city to receive their new eye or eye care.

Ongoing Eye Care

It is highly recommended you return to us every six months to have your artificial eye polished to keep it in tip top condition.
Info for New Clients

New Client Information

It is natural to be anxious about having an artificial eye created and fitted for the first time. We explain the process in detail here.

Info for Medical Referrers

Important information for referring a patient who requires a new custom-made artificial eye and ongoing care.

For Medical Referrers

How we create your new eye

The creation of a new artificial eye is an intricate and fascinating process. We show you step by step.

The Creation Process

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Artificial Eyes is located at:
Level 11 of the Watkins Medical Centre, 225 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane 4000 Australia

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Looking after your new eye is so important. We are here to look after your eye for many years to come.